Oblate Youth Service work in South Africa

Description of OYS involvement in African Projects

Much has been written about the continent of Africa and its people, of how it has suffered from exploitation, greed, injustice and corruption down through the years and continues to do so in various forms today. To those who have been privileged to travel to that vast continent of many countries, cultures and people, one is always struck by the welcome one receives when you try to get to know its people; of where they are from and to listen to their stories of life. One becomes aware of the struggle to live for so many today, to be able to find work in order to feed and educate families, to access healthcare for those who are sick. There is the awareness of the very strong bond of community, sharing of life and faith within the hearts of these communities, of care for each other and respect for elders. Realities and experience, we learnt so much from, through our interaction and openness to what was shared with us.